Dying out loud

I just heard that Stacey Napier died. I’m completely gobsmacked. I met Stacey in 2014 when I wrote about Randy’s decision to chronicle his dying on Facebook. Stacey and Randy had an incredible story. On their third date they visited a funeral home. The story you’re about to read originally ran in 2016 in Louisville Magazine. Letitia Quesenberry created the wax artwork below from a photo of Randy skydiving.

Randy Napier posted a video on his Facebook page on July 2, 2014. Beneath it he wrote, “This song says it all. I’m sorry that I screwed up, but it is what it is.” In the video, the Taylorsville man sits forward on his living room couch holding a microphone. Because of the camera angle, his knees rise like knobby foothills in the foreground. Atop the back of the couch, stacks of laundry wait to be put away. “OK, I’ve tried this a couple of times,” Napier says to the camera. “I’m gonna try it one more time. Hopefully we can get through it. If I cry a little bit, heck, we’ll deal with it.”

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