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  1. Hey there! In your Vulture article featuring the audiobook “There, There” you mention that it is narrated by a cast of “mostly Native American actors.” The book was narrated by an all indigenous cast, with some cast members being First Nations and others being indigenous to Caribbean tribes. The producer of this book went to great lengths to ensure that the cast reflected the integrity of the story. They’ve actually just been nominated for an Audie and it’s a huge win for the Native community! We would love if you would amend your article on Vulture to reflect the truth.

    Here’s an interview with the producer about the making of it and the casting process.


    Thank you for your time and for featuring the book.



    • Sorry I’m just seeing this. I’m having tons of domain problems. I so so so so so much wish I had had this information when I wrote the original piece. When I was rooting around for background on the narrators — information not provided by the publisher — the best I was able to say for sure was “mostly Native American actors.” I will drop a line to my editor at Vulture, but I don’t know whether they’ll make the change or not. I’m a freelancer, so not tons of clout. Thanks so much for reaching out to me. And, until I am able to dig out of my domain mess, best way to reach me is jenlaidman@gmail.com.

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