What I Don’t Know

A couple of years ago I saw a video on study habits directed at high school students. The lecturer said, when you read new material, or when you listen to a lecture, make note only of the things you don’t know yet.

The things I don’t know yet: It’s a very big subject with a nature as transient as picked flowers. As soon as I underline the paragraph of things I don’t know, I’m beginning to know it. At some point, I should go through all my books with an eraser. I’d probably find I’d forgotten a lot, but then I’d be remembering it, so the underlines would still be erased. But for how long?

It makes me think that I should write an entirely separate blog on things I’ve forgotten.

I’m a writer with interests in science, teaching, art, and lots of other things about which I am so ignorant, I cannot even name them yet. This blog has two purposes: It is a central gathering point for my published articles, so people who want to see if they should hire me to write can inspect what I’ve already done. It’s also a daily compendium of things I don’t know yet. If I skip a day, it means I do not know what I do not know on that particular day.

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