Derby Diary No. 3

11:30 a.m.

Maybe you heard me whimper.

1. As I near the track, I get a call from Joey. Our credit card number was stolen — I think this makes time No. 4. Somebody tried to use it in India. Our cards are now out of commission. Thank goodness for ATMs.

2. Get to the track, head to Jockey Suites, where I am supposed to meet Gary Knapp, who I had hoped to base a story around. I can’t get in. I had been told I had full access with this press pass. Turns out, I have full access to everything but the Jockey Club Suites.  Kind of robs me of my whole reason for being here.

3. But at least I look good.

4. And I have cute shoes.

5. Any moment of feeling silly with my big rose-covered hat vanished in the tumult of Derby. My outfit is so tame.

6. I probably could have made a day of just wandering around outside the track looking at the costumes and crazies and people concerned for the immortal souls of gamblers. Am half thinking I should just head right out there and see what I can dig up.

7. An official of the track just approached my table and told everyone to leave. We do not have proper credentials. I am totally irritated with the source of my information about press access. That will teach me to trust someone else to make these arrangements for me.

8. I am going to leave now.

9. More to come. WTH. Adversity keeps things interesting. And, on the scale of adversity, this ranks just above hangnail.



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