Derby Diary #5

Well, they broke a record — 165, 307 people, and all of them were in my way.

The big race is coming and I still haven’t seen a single one. I need to fix that.

I’m in the funereal press room. Mary J. Blige just sang the Star Spangle Banner. Surreal. Lots of feedback, which makes the performance even more remarkable. Singing without accompaniment is not for the timid. I’ve come to expect a few missed notes. But she killed it, feedback and all.

The guy next to me starts talking about the Teleram. I have not heard that word in  years, but my legs immediately started to ache. They were the first “portable” computers to show up in a newsroom. About the size of a sewing machine case, they weighed 40 pounds if they weighed 5. I remember carrying two to the Medina County Board of Elections and ending the night with huge bruises on both legs.

Anyway, a guy down the aisle used one to fend off a mugger in the parking lot after a ballgame. Wonder he didn’t kill the guy.

OK, I must go.

BTW, I got a drink. They’re free up here. No wonder they limit access.



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