2 Derby Diary

9:15 a.m.

So, scarf or no scarf?

Wait, this is about horse racing, right? People go to gamble, right? Why am I doing this fussing?

But seriously, scarf or no scarf?

The idea was, I’d have all these yellow highlights with my black-and-white theme. You can’t see it, but even my fingernails and toenails are yellow.

But, it’s already muggy. The scarf is already sticking to my neck. Is it worth it?

Finally, notice, no hose. I was actually going to break down and buy a pair — the first in more than a decade. But then I found cute shoes, and the guy at Macy’s said, don’t wear hose with these shoes. You’ll kill yourself. They will fly off.

I don’t know about you, but I always listen to advice from men selling clothing. The self-tanning stuff is the best I can do. However, due to careless application earlier this week, my legs were striped. I think I fixed that. If I haven’t, we’ll call it a fashion statement. Striped legs. Polka dot dress. But my shoes are cute.


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