Walk Like a Louisvillian

Three new reasons to love this town

1) I was shopping at Paul’s Market (reason No. 2 I love Louisville) when “Walk Like an Egyptian” came on the radio. The two women handling cash registers immediately went into Egyptian mode, doing various Egyptian-walking poses. As I approached the register, they suddenly stopped. When I joined in on “Way-oh, way-oh, way-oh, way-oh” they went back into full Egyptian and finished the song.

2) Paul’s Market: Consistently beautiful fresh produce sends me to Paul’s a few times a week. The selection of fresh herbs seems to last longer than the stuff I buy from the big chain across the street, which turns to slime in a week (the herbs, not the store. That would be cool though. Then there are the great employees, helping keep Louisville weird.

3) University of Louisville Women’s Basketball. Just went to my first game. Way fun. Now I’m plotting how I could somehow do a story on the team and its members. We almost missed the whole game. Didn’t arrive until half time due to stupidness. The official ticket sellers leave at half time. Once they’re gone, no one is allowed into the game, even if they brandish the required five dollar bills. It was a close call. We won’t be late again. For one thing, I want better seats.

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